The Arthur - Football Trivia Game

The Arthur - Football Trivia Game

Focusing on the sport of pro football, this game will test knowledge on coaches, players, record holders, and teams.

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Football Trivia Questions And Answer Game

In this football trivia game you'll find trivia questions and answers that relate to the NFL. With football being one of the most loved and watched sports, this is a popular game on Trivia20 as it challenges participants to recall their knowledge on passing leaders, head coaches, and stadiums. There are also questions on NFL records, significant plays in NFL history and sport nicknames. This game is perfect for the NFL fanatic and has questions from the as far back as the 1960's with roughly half of the quiz relating to the time period of 2010 - 2020. Play it today and enjoy the challenge of recalling the football facts.


  • Trivia Question Game Focused on the Sport of Football
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