Virtual Trivia Games for Zoom

Games for Virtual Trivia Night

Here you’ll find a selection of trivia games you can play virtually with friends. Each game contains 20 questions. There are a variety of trivia questions in each game, which are all broadly focused on general knowledge topics. These trivia games are created with small to mid-size groups in mind. Playing the games with up to 20 teams or 20 individual participants works well.  Combine the trivia games with your preferred conference line platform (ex: Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc) and you’ve got the foundation for a great virtual game night in place. To get started, select a trivia game from the options below.  Once you access the game, you’ll unlock the questions and answers and you’ll be able to host your own virtual trivia game.  


Group Trivia Games for Zoom

Turn game night into a trivia party, no subscription is required!


Zoom Virtual Trivia Night

Make your next remote get-together more fun.

How Virtual Trivia Night Works

Similar to bar trivia night, play virtually with friends.  Each quiz needs a host, aka quizmaster, to display the game on screen via Zoom or preferred conference line to the group of remote players. The host will read the questions aloud to the participants and the questions will also be visible to all who are logged into the conference line. The participants will submit their trivia question answers to the host via the online message feature of the conference platform. We’ve also heard from customers that their participants have used texting and emailing to submit answers to the quizmasters. You have the flexibility to do what works best for your group.  Once all answers are received, the quizmaster will display the answer to the trivia question on the screen for all participants to see, and track the scores for everyone playing the game.  No subscription is required to play, you can purchase one trivia game for Zoom or many, and you can access them all on this website at any time. 

Play Trivia20 Games For These Events

General Trivia Questions In All Categories

Large variety of questions, everyone will be able to participate.

  • Sports Trivia Questions
  • World Geography Trivia
  • Science Trivia Questions
  • Movie Trivia
  • TV Trivia Questions
  • Literary Trivia
  • Math Trivia
  • Business and Industry
  • Political Trivia Questions
  • Art Trivia
  • And More!

Playing Trivia Online Makes for a Fun Event

Remote party idea for your friends, family and co-workers.

Virtual parties are more fun with a bit of structure layered in. Virtual trivia games are the perfect avenue to do that.  With questions spanning a broad spectrum of topics and levels of difficulty, these games allow everyone to participate and show off the knowledge they’ve built up.  The trivia questions stimulate conversation and can serve as a way to build up camaraderie and morale amongst friends, family and co-workers. Encourage players to turn on their webcams so you can see their expressions during the game.