December 08, 2021

Winter Holiday Trivia & Random Facts

Happy holidays trivia friends!  Last year at this time many of us were giving the finger to 2020, but on average 2021 has been a bit better for folks. We had a Coronacirus vaccine become available to the masses, and it allowed us to start socializing in a fashion similar to the pre-pandemic years.  But unfortunately the Omicron variant has reared its ugly head and is putting a damper on some festitivies.  That said, we can still gather and play trivia. But first we thought we'd warm you up with some free trivia questions all about the winter holiday season. Do you know what holidays encompass the winter holiday season? Do you know how much consumers spend on these holidays? For answers to these questions and a whole lot of other random facts, read on.

What holidays are considered part of the winter holiday season in the US?

  • Thanksgiving - The day when families and friends gather to reflect on all the things that they’re grateful for throughout the year. It’s celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.
  • Christmas - This is the obvious one celebrated by Christians around the globe, and also commemorated in some fashion by secular individuals due to its magnitude. Celebrated each year on December 25th
  • Hannukah - A Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. It’s an 8 day festival and in 2020 it will start Thursday December 10th and conclude on Friday December 18th
  • Kwanzaa - annual celebration for the African American culture. The name Kwanzaa is derived from the Swahili phrase Matunda ya Kwanzaa which means first fruits of the harvest
  • New Year's - The party night is New Year's Eve, celebrated on December 31st. The New Year begins on January 1st. Both are festive celebrations often associated with excessive alcohol consumption.


Thanksgiving Random Facts

When did Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day become National Holidays?

In 1870. They are 3 of the first 4 holidays designated by congress for federal workers to enjoy paid time off. The fourth holiday is Independence Day.

Which founding father wrote a letter to his daughter wishing the turkey had been chosen to represent the United States over the eagle?

Benjamin Franklin, he found the turkey a much more respectable bird.

Which US president moved the celebration of Thanksgiving to the third Thursday in November in 1939?

Franklin D. Roosevelt, he did this to inject an additional 7 shopping days into the holiday season. However switching the holiday wasn’t well received by football fans and coaches as it altered the playing dates of traditional rivalry games. Also, many calendars were printed with incorrect references to when the holiday was celebrated.

How much does the typical consumer spend over the Thanksgiving Day weekend?

Spending averages $313 over the extended weekend, for meals and likely some Black Friday shopping as well.

What are the top 5 things people are most thankful for at Thanksgiving?

  • 88% are thankful for family
  • 77% are thankful for health
  • 72% are thankful for personal freedom
  • 71% are thankful for friends
  • 67% are thankful for memories


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Christmas Random Facts

When was the first Christmas holiday celebrated?

December 25, 336  - yes, way waaay back in time.

Which of the winter holidays generates the most revenue?

Christmas is the holiday where consumers traditionally spend the most money each year. Gift giving represents a big portion of it, as does travel to see loved ones, and accessories such as Christmas trees, wreaths, decorations, and wrapping paper. In 2021 the spending, buying and gifting numbers are expected to shape up like this:

  • Consumer spending on gifts $846
  • Money spent on Christmas and holiday cards $29.14
  • 122 million consumers will be on their computers, tables and phones to shop on Cyber Monday
  • 62% of consumers will do some shopping online this holiday season
  • Consumers expect to receive 15 gifts
  • Over $2.5 billion will be spent on Christmas trees


What industries tend to thrive in the holiday season?

  • Travel - while 2021 is certainly different with many consumers still hesitant to travel due to COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry tends to thrive in the winter holidays
  • Video Games - it’s no coincidence the latest models of Sony Playstations and Xbox consoles sell out each holiday season. Video games are a big draw for the kiddos, and adults alike, and with many home on winter breaks, playing video games is a popular indoor activity.
  • Greeting Cards - Even though we’re in a digital age, consumers till flock to printed greeting cards. Many will personalize their greetings with photos of their children, spouses, and pets along with a personal recap of their year.
  • Restaurants - Another casualty of the pandemic, but typically restaurants do a solid business during the winter holiday season. Reason being, there are a slew of holiday parties and cold weather will keep more people indoors and they often choose to connect over a meal.


What’s the highest grossing holiday movie of all time?

The Grinch, which came out in 2018 tops the list bringing in over $511 million dollars 


Hanukkah Random Facts

Is it spelled Hanukkah or Chanukah? 

Both are correct. The word is derived from a Hebrew verb, a language using a different alphabet. Thus there are some variations once converted to an English alphabet.

What’s a menorah?

It’s a candelabrum used in Jewish worship, and the Hebrew word for lamp.  During Hanukkah, a new candle is lit and added to the menorah each night.

What are some traditional foods of Hanukkah?

  • Latkes - aka thin potato pancakes fried in oil. Often they’re served with applesauce or sour cream.
  • Brisket - very popular main dish for the festival of lights
  • Kugel - a side dish comprised of noodles, and dried fruits and nuts
  • Jelly Filled Doughnuts - traditional dessert, everyone loves deep-fried dough!


Kwanzaa Random Facts

What does Kwanzaa celebrate?

It’s a festival of life celebrated by many African Americans. It’s celebrated from December 26th - January 1st. 

When was Kwanzaa first celebrated?

In 1966, it was created as way to help unite African Americans after the rioting in Watts California took place. 

What colors are associated with Kwanzaa?

Red, green and black are the traditional colors of the holiday of Kwanzaa. They are representative of the struggles for freedom and bloodshed of the African heritage.

When was the first Hallmark greeting card created for Kwanzaa?

In 1992, Hallmark started to honor the holiday by printing and selling Kwanzaa holiday cards.

How much do consumers spend on the Kwanzaa holiday?

$77 is the amount that is typically spent per person purchasing gifts to celebrate Kwanzaa.


New Year's Holiday Trivial Facts

Where does the tradition of making New Year's resolutions come from?

It dates back as far as Julius Caesar in Babylonian times who is credited with starting the tradition.

What are the top 5 New Year's resolutions in 2021?

  • 48% - Maintain a healthier lifestyle
  • 38% - Sustain more meaningingful relationships
  • 31% - Become more financially responsible
  • 26% - Change jobs
  • 18% - Manage stress better

How much do people typically spend celebrating the New Year?

In 2021 the amount is expected to be an average of $228.

What drink is traditional on New Year's Eve?

A champagne toast is a tradition when the clock strikes midnight and rolls over to the New Year. However it's quite common for alcohol of many types to be served throughout the evening of celebration.


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