January 13, 2022

3 Random Holidays to Celebrate Each Month in 2022

Holidays are fun and can help break up the monotony of work life. So why aren’t there more of them?  If you have cold weather in your part of the globe coupled with COVID-19 and the multitude of variants, it's nice to have something to look forward to.  You may be surprised to learn there is a holiday that you can celebrate every day of the 2022. But to prevent celebration overload, we’ve curated a list of the best thee random holidays to celebrate each month.  Check out the details below. They make for a fun challenge. Or perhaps for your next New Year’s Resolution, you can resolve to celebrate all of these, or at least one per month. Get friends to make the commitment with you so you have some accountability.  How many of these random holidays can you celebrate? 

Celebrate These Random and Quirky Holidays in 2022



Date of Holiday

How To Celebrate

National Cuddle Up Day January 6 Snuggling up with someone you care about
Peculiar People Day January 10 Recognize the peculiar people in your life. Or if you’re the peculiar one, celebrate you with a toast!
Penguin Awareness Day January 20 Take some time to learn about our favorite black and white bird native Antarctica. Do it in style and wear a tuxedo!
Thank a Mailman Day February 4 Mail carriers deliver in all conditions, rain, hail, sleet and snow. Show thanks by giving them a $10 tip. If you can’t spare the cash, give them a nice card filled with words of gratitude.
Make a Friend Day February 11 Just about everyone could benefit from a new friend. It’s not always easy, but you can start by giving someone a compliment, inviting them to lunch, or just saying ‘hi’ to someone new.
Hoodie Hoo Day February 20*  A day designated to help people get over the winter time blues. Go outside, raise your hands above your head and shout “Hoodie Hoo”. If nothing else you’ll blow off some steam.
Caregiver Appreciation Day March 3 and November 13 Caregivers take care of us when we’re youngsters, ill, and elderly. Show your appreciation by taking them to lunch, giving them a gift card, or giving them the afternoon off.
International Women’s Day March 8 Give a special shoutout to your female colleagues on LinkedIn. Or have a happy hour where you can raise a glass to toast the ladies in your life.
National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day March 17 It’s no coincidence this holiday is celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day. So cook yourself some corned beef and cabbage, pour a Guinness and enjoy the festivities.

Find a Rainbow Day

April 3 April showers bring...rainbows! If you score a rain, or even a drizzle, see if you can hunt down a colorful arched series of stripes in the sky. Could be a fun team building event or part of a scavenger hunt.
Name Yourself Day April 9 Don’t like the name your Momma gave you? Today is the day you can take care of that. Give yourself a new name for a day, or the rest of your life. The choice is yours.
That Sucks Day April 15 Use this holiday to air grievances, kind of like Festivus, but in April. Is it interesting that this day falls on the same day as Tax Day (most years anyway)? We think so, because taxes sure can suck.
Lumpy Rug Day May 3 Yes, there’s such a day to honor the lumps in our carpets and rugs. One way to celebrate is to get the lumps out. Straighten out the rugs, stretch the carpets and see how long your rugs can stay smooth and lump free.
No Dirty Dishes Day May 18 The easiest and most fun way to celebrate No Dirty Dishes Day is to eat all your meals and snacks out. Go to restaurants, pick up snacks from street vendors. Don’t even touch a dish in your kitchen cabinets or a piece of silverware in your drawers.
Sunscreen Day May 27 Sun damage is real. It will bring wrinkles, age spots, and plus sunburns can hurt. So bust out the SPF 30 and apply it liberally for this spring time holiday.
Flip a Coin Day June 1 Make a game out of it. Flip a coin on every decision you have to make for this day. See how much trouble it gets you into, or how much fun you create!
Best Friend Day June 8 Make it a point to spend time with your BFF. Plan ahead if travel is involved, if your best friend is local, go on a walk or out to lunch.
Smile Power Day June 15 Smiling has been proven to boost endorphins. So why not smile, it will improve your mood, and if you can make someone else’s day it’s even better. Smile away, all day.
Log Cabin Day June 25 Enjoy some time outside of your typical comfort zone. Step into a log cabin, get comfy and spend the night.
International Kissing Day July 6 Get your significant other nearby and start the smooch fest. If you’re single, give your parents a kiss on the check, it still counts. Smoocherama.
National Junk Food Day July 21 Go to your nearest convenience mart. Stock up on candy bars and chips. But before you get home, pick up a large pepperoni pizza. Enjoy with friends.
Hammock Day July 22 There’s not much more relaxing than laying in a hammock. Take the opportunity to doze off and chill...especially if you celebrated National Junk Food Day just 24 hours earlier.
Walk on Stilts Day July 27 If you’re like Skee-Lo and always wanted to be a little bit taller, this is your chance. Get some stilts, go to a common outdoor area and enjoy the view.
National Mahjong Day August 1 Start off the month with a friendly game of Mahjong. If you don’t have a board, there are some online versions that are just as much fun.
National Elephant Day August 12 Celebrate both our African and Asian elephants by going to the zoo. Check out their exhibit, and make a donation to help keep these animals protected around the world.
Just Because Day August 27 Think of this as your hall pass. You can do whatever you want, or don’t want (skip work!). Anyone asks why, just mention you’re observing the holiday that lets you do anything you want to do.
Skyscraper Day September 3 These beautiful buildings  create a skyline that is the visual profile of a city. Take a photo of your favorite skyscraper and share it on your social media profile with commentary on why you like it.
World Teacher’s Day October 5 Without teachers this world would be a mess. Give your favorite teacher a meaningful gift for their own enjoyment. Or bring in extra supplies they can use in their classroom.
International Skeptics Day October 13 If you’re a natural cynic this day is for you. Question everything without judgement.  If you’re a believer try to take the position opposite of what you normally do.
Evaluate Your Life Day October 19 Why wait until New Year’s Eve? Take stock of your life now. If you like what you find, carry on. If you’d like to see changes start now. No need to wait until the calendar hits January.
National Nacho Day November 6 How can you go wrong eating nachos? Bust out the chips, cheese, ground beef, beans and salsa. Or make them vegetarian. All that matters is you eat them to celebrate the day.
America Recycles Day November 15 We need to save Mother Earth. One way to celebrate is to spend 30 minutes picking up discarded recyclables from your neighborhood park, streets, or creek.
Red Planet Day November 28 Our solar system neighbor is the planet thought to have a decent chance of showing signs of a life form. Get out a telescope and take a gander at the beautiful red planet of Mars.
Letter Writing Day December 7 Go old school and get out some pen and paper. Write a letter to someone in your life. Mail it. It’s fun for the recipient to get anything other than junk mail in the mailbox.
Pointsettia Day December 12 One of the most colorful plants of the winter holiday season. Buy two of these holiday red leaf plants. Keep one for yourself and give one to your neighbor across the street.
Card Playing Day December 28 This day is usually spent with family and loved ones. Get out a deck of cards and play a couple games of Gin Rummy.

* In the Northern hemisphere


Find some fun holidays to commemorate? Put the reminders on your calendar so you don’t forget to have some fun in the year ahead!


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