December 28, 2021

New Year's Eve Ideas 2021, COVID-19 Friendly

It’s time to put 2021 in the past and ring in 2022.  Fortunately COVID-19 vaccinations have been made available to many and we're in a better spot than we were for NYE last year. However it's the Omicron variant that has now reared its ugly head and Coronavirus infection rates are rising once again. While it’s important to stay socially distant and remain safe and healthy this New Year’s Eve, there are still ways to celebrate.    You may be staying inside and playing games via Zoom, or venturing out for a drive to look at holiday lights. Below are five simple yet fun ideas to ring in the new year.


  1. Mixology Night

Just because many nightclubs and bars are closed or at best, open with capacity limitations, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with cocktails.  You can find recipes for unique cocktails, get the ingredients at your local liquor store and whip them up in your own kitchen. It would make a great date night idea. Put on some music to add in some dancing an you’ll have a fun time. 


  1. Holiday Light Tours

Many downtown areas and neighborhoods across the globe are still decked out with holiday lights.  Because the pandemic kept a lot of us at home and impacted the morale of the population, some individuals made it a goal to offset the situation by decorating their homes with festive holiday light displays.  Christmas lights were in high demand this year. While the numbers aren’t official, one news report showed sales are up over 20%. Check your local municipality for routes you can drive and see some of the best holiday light exhibits.


  1. Zoom Games

Thankfully Zoom allows us the ability to see each other via webcam and share our computer or mobile device screens. It’s the perfect platform for playing virtual games. And virtual games are ideal when you’re in the middle of a pandemic. There are a variety of games that can be played virtually including trivia, charades, and pictionary. You could even have a dance contest. What’s most important is you’re able to connect remotely with the people you care about.  


  1. Movie Night

Sure you can do movie night any time, but you can make it special by watching New Year’s Eve themed movies. When Harry Met Sally has a NYE party scene that will melt the hearts of lonely women everywhere. And the eponymous, New Year’s Eve movie that came out in 2011 is full of stars including Halle Berry and Robert De Niro.  You could even incorporate a variety of gourmet popcorn to make it a unique evening that you’re sure to remember.


  1. Craft a Memory Board

Sure 2020 was a hard year, but there are likely some positives to come out of it.  Think through the year. It started off business as usual, then the world changed with the onset of Coronavirus.  What did you do in January and February, what did you do in June and July? Think through the moments. Print out photos, media headlines and any other memories you want captured. Attach them to posterboards. Decorate your board with your favorite craft supplies, ribbons, markers, and puffy paints. At the end of the evening you’ll have something that captures your 2020, the year like no other.


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