October 24, 2020

How to Play Trivia Online With Zoom

Playing trivia online can be achieved by utilizing a Trivia20 game combined with a Zoom conference line by following the five steps outlined below. 


  1. Designate a Game Host

The game host aka, Quizmaster, will lead the participants through the trivia questions and answers. The host will be in charge of: 

  • Accessing the trivia game
  • Sharing their screen on Zoom
  • Reading the questions and answers
  • Tracking scores


  1. Schedule Trivia Night

The Quizmaster will need to log into their Zoom account and use the scheduling function to set a meeting date and time for the trivia game.

schedule virtual zoom trivia party

  1. Send out the Conference Line Link

Once the trivia event is scheduled, the Zoom conference line details of the event should be sent out to all who will be invited to the play in the trivia game.  There’s a “Copy Invitation” link within Zoom that contains the details and URL which attendees can click on to get access to the event.

copy zoom trivia invitation


  1. Trivia Night - Starting the Game

On the day of the event, the quizmaster should log into Trivia20 a few minutes early to access the game that will be played. Once the game is pulled up on the monitor, the Zoom conference line should be initiated.  


  1. Adjust Settings for Zoom Chat Functionality

Start by accessing your Zoom chat by clicking the “Chat” icon. 

zoom chat functionality


Once the Chat panel opens, click on the downward facing arrow to expose the option that will allow you to Pop Out the chat window.  This is a crucial step as it will allow the host to share the Zoom screen without exposing incoming chat messages to the rest of the trivia game players.  Note, some versions of Zoom will allow you to simply drag the Chat window to other areas of your screen and/or a different monitor.


Then click the three dots to modify who participants can chat with. Select the Host only option. This prevents participants from inadvertently sending their trivia answers to other players in the game. 

After all attendees have arrived in the conference, explain how the game night will work. 

  • Trivia questions will be displayed on the screen
  • Players should use their brain power and avoid using any reference materials or online sources to find the answer
  • Players can message the quizmaster individually via the Zoom chat feature. 
  • Scores will be tracked by the quizmaster after each question.


That’s all you need to do to set up Zoom in conjunction with your Trivia20 game.  Enjoy the game night.


play trivia on zoom