October 31, 2021

How to Plan a Virtual Game Night

As cooler temperatures work their way into the northern hemisphere, the demand for virtual games night increases. Not everyone wants to commute to bars and restaurants for trivia nights, or meet up for a a few beers at a neighborhood pub. One way to still get together with friends and families is to do it virtually with planned events and games.  Below are are few tips to get you started as you plan your virtual event.


What is a virtual game night? 

A virtual game night is when you get together with a group of people to play a game when you’re all in different physical locations. Virtual game events are trending recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic striking the world and forcing many people to stay at home. Many people are getting cabin fever, and feeling isolated. Playing games together virtually is a nice way to connect in a socially distant manner.


What Games Can You Play Virtually?

There are a variety of games that lend themselves to being played virtually. Some of the best games to play remotely are classic games that have been around for years. They include:


  1. Online Trivia Quizzes

Much like bar trivia nights where you’d gather with friends to answer trivia questions and compete against other teams, the format of the game is simply shifted from a pub or bar, to an online platform. You can find sports themed trivia games, movie themed trivia games, music trivia games, and more. Don’t fret you can still drink beer and munch on food while showing off how smart you are by answering the tough questions.


  1. Pictionary

If you have a Pictionary game at home, you can easily adapt it to be used online. You can use the same set of clue cards to determine what objects, scenes or motions will be drawn. But rather than drawing on paper, you’ll sketch them out online using a whiteboard feature of a screen sharing platform. Zoom has a whiteboard feature built in. Microsoft also has a whiteboard feature that many Windows users will have access to for free.


  1. Charades 

An oldie but goodie which can be a fun virtual game to play, especially for families with multiple generations. Simply set up web cams and act out scenes or words for players to guess. You can use an online word generator like this one to help keep the fresh ideas flowing.


  1. Virtual Card Games

Card games are perfect for smaller groups, you can even have a virtual game night for two. The site Cardgames.io makes it super easy and it’s free! You can pick from old time favorites such as Hearts, Spades, Euchre, and even GoFish which is perfect for the kids.


  1. Scrabble

The board game which challenges you to spell words by using the tiles you’ve randomly chosen is available to play via an App.  While the format is electronic, the rules and point values of letters haven’t changed a bit. To make it more enjoyable while you’re playing with friends, launch a FaceTime or Skype call so you can talk and see each other while playing the game.


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How to Have Virtual Game Night


  1. Choose Your Game

Pick a game that’s most appropriate for your group. Be sure to factor in the number of attendees, their age ranges, and interests.


  1. Choose Your Method of Connection:

Will you be using a Zoom account? Or Google Meet? Whichever method you choose, make sure everyone has access to the platform or can download the application they need before the time of the remote get-together. You may want to give it a test run before hand to make sure there are no technical glitches.


  1. Set a Date and Time for the Event

Once you select the game you’ll be playing, you need to set a date and time for the event. Send out an email or an invitation via text to let everyone know the details and how you’ll be connecting for the fun games.


  1. Day of the Game

Be sure to login to the platform a bit early so you can be there as your guests start to arrive. You can help to address any technical questions that may arise. Once people start to enter the virtual party room or call, start to say hello and make any necessary introductions. After everyone is in attendance, discuss which game you’ll be playing and the format. 


  1. Start Playing

You’ve done all the legwork and now you’re ready to have some fun. Enjoy playing games with your group. After the games are over, be sure to get some feedback on what aspects people enjoyed, what games they’d like to play next and determine the time for the next virtual game night.


What are you waiting for? Now you’ve got all the tools in your arsenal to make it a successful event. Choose your game today, think through your guest list and enjoy the game night.


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