November 07, 2020

Bar Trivia Night Statistics

Bars across the US host weekly trivia night events. The benefits are twofold:

  1. They help bars and pubs bring in additional guests and ultimately revenue on days that traditionally aren’t peak for business.

  2. Participants enjoy trying to answer the trivia questions, spend time with their friends, and win prizes.

We wanted to understand some of the metrics behind the quiz nights and dug up these statistics on the trivia nights.

How much do team trivia hosts, aka quizmasters, typically earn?

Earnings for trivia quizmasters vary by geography, how busy their bar is, as well as how good of a job they do at being the master of ceremonies. They need to be able to juggle multiple tasks including: entertaining the guests, keeping the game running at a steady pace, and tracking scores of participating teams.  The sweet spot for quizmasters is in the $20-$25/hr range and is likely to get a free beer or two along with discounted food from the pub where the quiz is being held. They tend to make some tips along the way, of at least $10/night.


How many players attend pub quiz nights?

Restaurant and bars hosting trivia nights do so in hopes to fill more seats and ultimately serve more drinks and food. Many pub trivia events are mid-week when the venue tends to be less busy than on a weekend. The statistics on players attending trivia nights by day of week are below:

What are the demographics of typical attendees who play trivia at bars?

Bar trivia night events tends to do a great job at bringing in Generation Z along with the Millennials. That said there are still some loyalists in the Generation X that enjoy the challenge of some good trivia questions as well.


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How long does it take to play in a bar trivia quiz?

Most trivia nights last in the 2-2.5 hour range. Long enough to get through a chunk of trivia questions and answers and to keep revenue flowing for the venue.

How many players play on a trivia team?

Many trivia nights have limits on the size of the team being capped at 6 players. This helps avoid powerhouse teams from having too big of an advantage and keeping a level playing field for all in attendance. Stats on the typical trivia team size are below:

What is the boost in sales for bars and restaurants that have trivia nights?

Venues state it generally brings in customers, especially on nights they wouldn’t otherwise be as crowded. Just how much of a lift in revenue is a bit harder to pinpoint. The estimates however come in at 65%-225% lift in revenue.

How much do bars pay for a trivia company to host the event?

Companies that are the hosts for trivia nights tend to charge bars a flat fee rate. On average the price for a trivia night is in the $150-$200 range. Larger cities and college towns tend to command a higher price point than suburbs and rural communities.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic hurt trivia nights across the US?

It’s been significant. With many municipalities issuing stay at home orders in the Spring of 2020, bars and restaurants that typically benefit from trivia nights were forced to close. Some were able to pivot and hold virtual trivia nights in an online game format, they were able to bring in roughly $10 per player for these trivia games. While the revenue helped, it certainly doesn’t make a dent in the revenue lost from food and alcohol sales of guests who would linger in their establishments for 2-3 hours playing trivia.

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